Lock Tape Maxi Valve With Grommet Take Off

Lock Tape Maxi Valve With Grommet Take Off

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TWSS Maxi Valves are used to isolate zones or rows. The Water Sprinkler Shop Maxi Valves are made of high quality plastic. They are a reliable high quality valve for low pressure applications.

The TWSS Lock Tape Maxi Valve with Grommet Take Off is an economical, easy-use lock nut fitting for drip tape. Made from high quality material, with UV protection and anti-aging, can be used for drip tape with thickness from 0.15mm to 0.6mm. An extremely reliable connector (fastened by a nut), easily opened (when required).

  • Simple On / Off operation
  • Flow Indicator Handle
  • Max Pressure 300 KPA
  • UV Stabilised Material
  • To Fit 32mm and above Poly or PVC - 16 or 17mm Driptape
  • Easy to Install Top Hat Grommet (16mm Hole)

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