Replacement Nozzle To Suit 5022

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TWSS 15 mm (½”) 5022 Impact Sprinkler Replacement Nozzle is made from high quality plastic. As water travels through the nozzle it can slowly wear out the nozzle over time creating a change in the rate of your water application. A yearly check on your nozzles is recommended depending on your silt content, this will maintain the nozzles are emitting the correct rate of water as well as to check for general wear and tear.

These are replacement nozzles for a 15 mm (½”) Male Full Circle Impact Sprinkler, also fit K-Line (5022) or Irripod Sprinkler.

  • High Quality Plastic Construction
  • UV Resistant
  • Colour Coded to Match Existing Systems
  • "Click" Bayonet Nozzles

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