Lifestyle 3 Pod DIY Pack

Lifestyle 3 Pod DIY Pack

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K-Line Irrigation is a revolutionary, specially formulated, flexible tubing line and pod sprinkler system designed to reduce the time and money you spend on irrigation installation, operation and repairs. Easily installed, a perfect DIY project.

K-Line irrigation is a low pressure system designed to distribute water with a slow, efficient absorption method that eliminates the need to shift irrigation several times a day - saving time, labor and water resources. K-Line irrigation uses less water more effectively.


  • Tough K-Line Pod
  • Adjustable Full or Part Circle Sprinkler
  • Spray Coverage 23 - 26 Metres Diameter (11.5 m - 13 m Radius)
  • Easy Installation and Operation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low-Pressure for Water Efficiency


  • Ideal for the Irrigation of Lawns and Boarders
  • Suitable for Unusual Shaped Areas
  • Uneven Landscapes
  • Lifestyle Blocks and Family Homes
  • Sprinkler is Adjustable to Variable Distances


  • Suitable for Fields up to 90 Metres in Length
  • Suitable for Lifestyle Blocks, 1 Acre (0.4ha) Blocks up to 2 Acre (0.8ha) Blocks
  • Easy to Move by Hand or With Tow Vehicle
  • Stand Alone System That can Easily be Expanded
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy to Install
  • High Quality, Long Lasting Components
  • Water Requirement can be Less Than 2,000 Litres Per Hour

Kit Includes

  • 3 x K-Line Pod (Blue)
  • 3 x Naan 427 Sprinkler with 3.2 mm Nozzle 
  • 32 mm K Pipe x 66 Metres
  • Fittings For Installation (Please refer to PDF)

Installation PDF

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