Arrow Dripper Straight - 1 Branch

Arrow Dripper Straight - 1 Branch

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TWSS Arrow Drippers are made of high quality plastic and with a strong durable construction. The Water Sprinkler Shop Arrow Drippers are used in nursery and potted plant applications. Arrow Drippers deliver the water to the root zone and remain in place.

  • 1.8 L/H Flow Per Dripper For Straight Arrow
  • 2.0 L/H Flow Per Dripper For Bent Arrow
  • Pressure Compensating option on The 2 And 4 Branch Bent Arrow Dripper
  • Ideal For Potted Plants
  • Nursery or Tree Farm
  • Delivers Water Directly to The Root Zone
  • Total Length of Tube is 500 mm per Dripper
  • UV Resistant

Use DN 3 mm Punch to Install


 Please Note Drippers Can be Either Blue or Black in Colour



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