Pressure Compensating Dripper 2 L/H

Pressure Compensating Dripper 2 L/H

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TWSS Pressure Compensating Drippers are made of high quality plastic and with a strong durable construction. The Water Sprinkler Shop Pressure Compensating Drippers are used to apply water directly to the plant without watering the surrounding area. Great where water is limited. Pressure Compensating Drippers are ideal for long runs i.e. tree lines etc.

  • Pressure Compensating Drippers Deliver The Precise Amount Regardless of Changes in Pressure Due to Long Row’s or Change in Terrain
  • Non Drain Pressure Compensating Dripper With Turbulent Passageways
  • Self-Flushing Design Eliminates Clogging
  • Opening Pressure at 0.4 BAR And Shutting Off Pressure at 0.15 BAR. This Prevents Drainage From The System And Also Allows The System to Start And Shut Off Quickly Without Leakage
  • Maximum Pressure 4.0 BAR
  • UV Resistant
  • 2 L/H

Use DN 3 mm Punch to Install




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